Photographs by Ed Nazarko

The range of photographic subjects I like to shoot is enormous - from 5x macro photographs of grains of sand to mountain ranges, from urban landscapes to rural farmers. Throughout all the range, my style is anchored in a few principles and beliefs.

I'm a colorist, first and foremost. Whatever else my subject matter, every image is about color - how it smells, tastes, sounds, feels, and how it changes from moment to moment. I seek out unusual light - at the extreme ends of the day when the world is drenched in honey and berries, in leading and trailing edges of storms where clouds and water vapor can color the world green or blue or suck the color out of the world altogether.

I experiment constantly with the sculptural elements of light, and how they interact with colors. Not just shadows, although they are always part of the story, but how light re-shapes physical objects and re-draws lines and colors. Light and color are constantly dancing with each other.

And finally, I'm a romantic, in the classical sense. Grounded in the literature of Goethe, Lenz, Schiller, and the Sturm und Drang period, I find wonder, excitement, awe, and humor in what I see around me. I seek the moments when light, form, and color come together to produce a glimpse of the soul of a person or a place, that moment of stillness that loosens the viewer from their own world for a few seconds and lets them understand the spirit of another.

As Louis Armstrong sang - what a wonderful world.